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【I Remember You / Hello Monster】

Lee Min

''I don't belive in coincidences.
There are no happenings without a reason.
All creation has its cause and that's why is it fate.''

An elderly cherokee told his grandson, ''we have two wolves within our hearts.
''One is evil with rage, envy, jealousy arrogance, and inferiority.
The other is good.
He brings with him dignity, peace, love, hope and faith.
The grandson asked, 'wich wolf wins then?
The old cherokee replied, ''The one you feeding the food to.''

Lee Joong-Min

''Evil hides in the ordinary.
At times the most cruel people can wear the face of an angel.''

Do Kyung-soo [Lee Joon-young]

'' I'm curious...
About what kind of adult you'll become.
I want to see.''

''There are those who are monsters since birth.
People see them as monsters, call them monsters, so they become monsters .''